Biographical Dictionary of Ancient Egypt by Rosalie and Antony E. David

Ancient Egypt. A Reference Guide. . 2011.

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  • Meryetre Hatshepsut — (fl. 1445–1420 BC)    Queen of Thutmose III and possibly daughter of the lady Huy. She is depicted in Thutmose’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings and named on other monuments. She was his wife at the end of his reign, as her son, Amenhotep II, who …   Ancient Egypt

  • Thutmose III — Tuthmosis III, Manahpi(r)ya in the Amarna letters Thutmosis III statue in Luxor Museum Pharaoh of Egyp …   Wikipedia

  • KV42 — EgyptianRoyalTombDetail Name = KV42 Location = East Valley of the Kings Date = 9 December 1900? Owner = Hatshepsut Meryetre Excavated = Victor Loret Howard Carter Prev=KV41 Next=KV43 Tomb KV42 is located in Egypt s Valley of the Kings. It was… …   Wikipedia

  • Iset (queen) — Iset (or Isis) was a queen of the eighteenth dynasty of Egypt. She was a secondary wife or concubine of Thutmose II. [dodson, p.139] Iset was the mother of Thutmose III, the only son of Thutmose II. Her son died in 1425 BC and her name is… …   Wikipedia

  • Tuthmosis III — King 1504 1450 BC.     Tuthmosis III, the son of *Tuthmosis II by a concubine named Isis, came to the throne as a minor under the regency of his father s Great Royal Wife, Queen *Hatshepsut. With her impeccable royal lineage and the support of… …   Ancient Egypt

  • List of burials in the Valley of the Kings — The following is a list of burials in the Valley of the Kings, in Thebes (modern Luxor in Egypt) and nearby areas.Egyptologists use the acronym KV (from the words King s Valley ) to designate tombs located in the Valley of the Kings. The system… …   Wikipedia

  • Sennefer — The Ancient Egyptian noble Sennefer was Mayor of the City (i.e. Thebes) and Overseer of the Granaries and Fields, Gardens and Cattle of Amun during the reign of Amenhotep II of the 18th dynasty. Being a favourite of the king he accumulated great… …   Wikipedia

  • Iset — For the solar power company see International Solar Electric Technology. : For the river in Russia see Iset River. : For the ancient Egyptian goddess Iset see Isis. Iset or Aset is an Ancient Egyptian name, meaning (She) of the throne . It was… …   Wikipedia

  • Amenophis II — King 1450 1425 BC.     The son of the great warrior pharaoh *Tuthmosis III by his chief queen Hatshepsut meryetre, Amenophis II was born at Memphis. Later, as a prince, he was in charge of the delivery of wood to the great naval dockyard at Peru… …   Ancient Egypt

  • Thutmose III — fl. c1475 B.C., Egyptian ruler: conqueror of the Middle East. Also, Thotmes III, Thothmes III, Thutmosis III. * * * died 1426 BC Egyptian king of the 18th dynasty (r. 1479–1426 BC), often regarded as the greatest pharaoh of ancient Egypt. He… …   Universalium

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